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The 40 Best Hallmark Actresses (2022)

list of the top Hallmark actresses

This list of the top 40 Hallmark actresses from Hallmark movies is admittedly totally subjective, unscientific, and loaded with bias. My criteria are not consistent. One actress may rank higher for a particular movie she happened to be in that I really liked. Or another could be ranked lower just because I didn’t like a show they were in before their Hallmark career. 

Regardless, this list is as good as any other list you may find on the internet. In fact, I would say it is much better, perhaps 4X better since most of the other lists that rank Hallmark Channel actresses tend to be only 10 deep and I provide the 40 best!

Candace Cameron Bure is #40

#40 Candace Cameron Bure

Sure Candace Cameron Bure is one of the most popular actresses on The Hallmark Channel, but I am saying popular as she is in a lot of movies and series, not that she is a good actress. But she comes in at #40,  last in my list of best Hallmark actresses (not most popular).

You are probably wondering how that could be? Well, she just annoys me. I find her voice annoying. And her eyes are annoying. She just looks whiny to me. Also, her personality away from the camera annoys me. 

She started annoying me as DJ Tanner on Full House, so she has been annoying me for over 30 years. 

Her hair is horrible and makes her look like that evil south school sorority president that is equal parts elitist and racist. I am not suggesting she is either, just that she looks it. 

I know this is harsh and has nothing to do with her acting ability. But I did warn you that this was going to be a subjective and biased list. The other 39 aren’t so harsh. 

Kellie Martin stars in Haily Dean Mystery

#39 Kellie Martin

Kellie Martin became known for her roles Becca Thatcher in Life Goes On and Lucy Knight in ER. She is also a smart cookie, graduating from Yale in 2001 with a degree in Art History.

She is perfectly competent and has starred in a handful of movies including I Married Who?, The Christmas Ornament, and So You Said Yes. All of these are fine, not great, but fine.

Her real claim to fame however is on the sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. She was pretty good as Samantha Kinsey, mystery book owner/murder solver in the 11 Mystery Woman movies. 

But her role as therapist/murder solver, Hailey Dean in the 9 Hailey Dean Mystery episodes is her calling card. An interesting tidbit is these movies are based on novels by crazy woman, Nancy Grace. 

Kelly Martin is ranked #39 because she is just ok in all of her roles. She is the beige of Hallmark Actresses.

Bailee Madison is the 39th ranked Hallmark actress

#38 Bailee Madison

I can’t say there is anything wrong with Bailee Madison other than she is young. I anticipate she will climb the ranks as she matures and grows into a leading actress. But for now, she sits at #38.

The native Floridian was probably drawn into acting as a way to get noticed being the youngest of 7 siblings.

She was fantastic in the tearjerker Bridge to Terabithia

She is best known as Cassie Nightengale’s daughter, Grace Russel on The Good Witch series. She does a great job keeping up with Catherine Bell. 

I am sure it won’t be long before she starts getting leading roles, and when she does, I am confident she will be ready.

Maggie Lawson is a fresh face

#37 Maggie Lawson

Coming in at #37 is Maggie Lawson. She possesses all the qualities to become a fan favorite. She is very cute, has an endearing personality that comes across in her roles, and, well, she is blonde.  But she is not there yet. 

Lawson was destined to be on TV screens. As a teen she became a correspondent for the local news station which inspired her to move to Los Angeles. She has had many smaller roles in various movies and television shows, but it was her role as Detective Jules O’Hara on Psych where she gained her fame. 

Armed with just enough recognizability, Hallmark has used her in a few movies such as Christmas in Evergreen; Tidings of Joy and Christmas Encore. But her best role is as Jamie Vaughn in The Story of Us.

With such a limited portfolio of Hallmark movies, I can’t rank her any higher. 

Pascale Hutton is a disappointment on Hallmark Channel

#36 Pascale Hutton

Sometimes it is about the role you shouldn’t have taken. This is the case for #36 ​​Pascale Hutton. 

The British Columbian appeared in Wedding of Dreams which was just god awful. Sure she was only a supporting actress to Debbie Gibson, but the movie is so dreadful that she just can’t help but be collateral damage.

I could have been nice and given her a pass, but in this case, she should have known better. She started in the prequel, Summer of Dreams with Debbie Gibson. While this wasn’t as horrific as Wedding of Dreams, it still wasn’t very good and should have been a warning sign to stay away from doing another movie with her.

Her latest movie, You Had Me at Aloha was just ok. The hole she dug is too deep to just be in ok movies. If she wants to get moved up the ranks, she needs to get in some great movies. 

I think she should get her agent talking to the folks at Hallmark Movies & Mysteries because I think she would be perfect for a role as a sleuth.

Jodi Sweetin is the 35th ranked Hallmark actress

#35 Jodie Sweetin

For all the reasons I hate Candace Cameron Bure, I have the opposite feelings for her fellow Full House alum Jodie Sweetin. 

You might mistake this native Los Angeleno for a southern belle with a name like Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin. 

After the show ended, she struggled with her life after Full House and had an unfortunate battle with substance abuse.  Fortunately, she was able to get clean in 2008. 

She is adorable, has a fun, bubbly personality that makes it impossible not to like her (unlike CCB). 

Jodie has only starred in four Hallmark movies to date, and three of them are Christmas movies.  She has all the qualities to be a top ten Hallmark actress; she just needs to get more movies, especially non-Christmas ones, under her belt.

onna Walsh is the 34th ranked Hallmark actress

#34 Jonna Walsh

One of the bright new faces is Jonna Walsh. Many people may recognize her from Couples Retreat, but she has been flying under the radar with her career. 

To date, she has three Hallmark movies to her credit. Her debut in Romeo and Juliet inspired The Spruces and the Pines was a pretty good start. 

Her latest role as Mandy in Inn Love by Christmas has me a tad bit concerned. Sure, all Hallmark movies are pretty formulaic, but this one was pretty much just dialed in. 

Jonna will need to be cast in better roles if she wants to climb higher or even remain on the list at all. She has plenty of potential, but needs to realize it.

Rachel Leigh Cook is the 33rd ranked Hallmark actress

#33 Rachel Leigh Cook

Rachel Leigh Cook starred in She’s All That, and in her Hallmark career she is pretty much all that. 

She is becoming a prime Hallmark favorite, logging 7 movies between 2016 and 2020. Not only is she being cast frequently, she is delivering solid performances. 

While good in all of them, her best is as Lina Gordon in Cross Country Christmas. This take on the classic, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is fun and entertaining. 

In addition, she stars with Brendan Penny in the Vineyards trilogy. All three are above average stories, but she does a fantastic job developing her character despite the limitations of the genre. 

She is an actress that could have really ranked anywhere on this list, but here she is at #33.

Jessica Lowndes is the 32nd ranked Hallmark actress

#32 Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes is young and beautiful and you would think she would be ranked easily in the top 10. But she isn’t.

The reason is she comes from the acting school of Candace Cameron Bure. She just annoying and whiney. She also isn’t really a talented actress and often coming across as robotic and flat. 

In her movies, as much as I want to like her, I just can’t. Too often she is the helpless woman that needs a man to love her to feel complete. Just watch A December Bride to see what I am talking about.

Yes Hallmark movies are cheesy love stories, but the best ones feature a a strong, independent woman that wants love, but doesn’t need it. 

Cindy Busby is a favorite Hallmark actress

#31 Cindy Busby

Cindy Busby is the opposite of Jessica Lowndes, she is sweet, bubby, and endearing. 

Since her debut in Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Busby has become a Hallmark staple with over 10 films. 

Some of her best work is in Romance on the Menu, Chasing Waterfalls, and Romance in the Air.

If you see her starring in a movie, it is a safe bet you will enjoy it. Cindy Busby ranking #31 shows just how good the actresses ranked higher are.

Julie Gonzalo is an underused Hallmark actress

#30 Julie Gonzalo

This Argentinian import is a delight in the small handful of Hallmark flicks in which she has starred.  She moved to the United States when she was eight, where she caught the acting bug. 

She has had various roles and was in a cast in a surprising number of pilots that weren’t picked up. Let’s hope that Hallmark Channel realizes her potential and makes her a staple in their lineup. 

Julie shines with six films to her credit, including Jingle Bell Bride, Pumpkin Pie Wars, and Flip that Romance.

Her best role is in one of her first films, Falling for Vermont. When you read the description and see she has amnesia, you may be inclined to give it a hard pass. After all, how cliche is an amnesia victim in a rom-com? But give it a go, cliche aside, the movie, especially Gonzalo, works. 

The one movie that didn’t work and kept her from a higher ranking is How to Train Your Husband or (How to Pick Your Second Husband First). The movie is a trainwreck, and the writing is terrible, which leads to a bad plot. 

Make sure you watch her others but skip this one.

Erin Krakow terrible bangs

#29 Erin Krakow

Her movies like Cookie Cutter Christmas and Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen are ok. I am also not a huge fan of her series When Calls the Heart. But I concede she has a committed fan base. so I have ranked her here. 

But her bangs are just so bad that she can’t be any higher than #29 (wait until you see #7!). In fact, I am probably being generous. 

Lindy Booth is #28 best hallmark actress

#28 Lindy Booth

Just as Erin Krakow was probably ranked too high, Lindy Booth is perhaps ranked too low. She has been a very busy actress since starting her career in 1998. 

She has had roles in everything from Dawn of the Dead to the Disney Channel’s The Famous Jett Jackson

She has the classic girl next door cute but not classically beautiful looks. She is exceedingly cute in Christmas Magic, Sound of Christmas, Snow Coming, and Under the Autumn Moon. 

Yup, the more I think about it, the more I am sure I under-ranked her.

Fiomna Gubelmann is the 27th ranked Hallmark actress

#27 Fiona Gubelmann

For most fans, Fiona Gubelmann is most recognizable as Dr. Morgan Rezneck on The Good Doctor. But for us, she is known for her Hallmark movies like Royalty Ever After and Easter Under Wraps.

I could honestly have ranked her anywhere on this list as she is a true Hallmark enigma. I can’t tell if she is a good actress brought down by mediocre movies or a mediocre actress who doesn’t elevate a mediocre movie. 

She is charming and seems to be a good actress, but I honestly don’t know. While most Hallmark movies are admittedly cliche, many can add a unique spin that makes them feel different. This is usually the result of the acting and the lead couple’s chemistry, but something is just often missing in hers.

Danica McKellar is #26 best Hallmark actress

#26 Danica McKellar

Ok, you are probably wondering how Danica McKellar could possibly be ranked 26th. After all she is one of the two or three actresses most identifiable with Hallmark movies. 

Yes, I will admit her movies are typically pretty darn good. Yes, I will admit she is a pretty darn good actress. 

And yes, I will even admit I really enjoy Matchmaker Mysteries. I may be the only one.

I will even venture to say how anyone could not like Winnie from The Wonder Years? Or not be thoroughly impressed by her academic success? Or her empowerment of young girls to crush the stereotype girls can’t be good at math?

OK, ok, ok, with all this great praise, why is she 26th on this list? 

She makes the worst puppy dog face ever. I know it is petty, but it comes out in every movie at least once and just ruins it for me. 

Especially because I genuinely enjoy her acting and movies otherwise. That is just how bad that look is.

Alicia Witt is the 25th ranked Hallmark Actress

#25 Alicia Witt

Alica Witt broke into stardom as a youngster in Dune. Our 25th ranked Hallmark actress has had a successful acting career. 

This is the point in the list where things got tough to rank, and the differences were razor-thin.

With her trademark red hair, Alicia Witt is a highly versatile actress appearing in everything from Two Weeks Notice to The Exorcist to Orange Is the New Black

When you scan the guide for upcoming Hallmark movies, you can feel confident in hitting record when you see a flick starring Alicia Witt.

Hilarie Burton is ranked #24 on Hallmark best actresses

#24 Hilarie Burton

I could make a case for Hilarie Burton to be ranked #1 on this list. She stars in my favorite Hallmark movie of all time, Summer Villa. She took a stand for diversity in Hallmark movies which cost her her career. Both reasons are enough to sit atop the rankings.

But her overall limited Hallmark career puts her at #24. I have enough bias in my rankings, and the actresses ahead of her warrant a very solid #24 with a big asterisk. 

Her presence is undeniable, as proven by the launch of her career. She was supposed to be simply in one segment on MTV, and the producers knew she had It. They ended up hiring her as the host of the popular Total Request Live

If you ever see Summer Villa coming up, record it and plan your day around watching it. It is that good. And Hilarie Burton is that good in it.

Holly Robinson Peete is ranked #23 of best Hallmark actresses

#23 Holly Robinson Peete

Sadly, Holly Robinson Peete is the only African-American woman who has significantly impacted the Hallmark Channel. Fortunately, that seems to be changing with movies featuring more diversity in the 2021 lineup. (A special nod to #23 Hilarie Burton).

But to be honest, most of Holly Robinson Peete’s success is over on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. On the Hallmark Channel, she has been relegated to supporting roles.

I am not sure if it is deliberate or not, but the movies she has had the lead have, for the most part, been average at best. Neither A Family Christmas Gift nor Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing are spectacular. 

However, she shines as Billie Blessings in Morning Show Mysteries. Hopefully, Hallmark Channel continues to be more diverse with their movies and give better roles to women of color, especially Holly Robinson Peete. She deserves it.

Erin Cahill is ranked #22 on best hallmark actresses

#22 Erin Cahill

Erin Cahill has moved into the upper tier of Hallmark actresses since her debut in the 2016’s Sleigh Bells Ring. Since then, she has consistently appeared in Hallmark movies and even joined the popular Mystery 101 series cast. 

The great thing about her is she seems to be getting better and better with each movie. She was outstanding in the super cute The Secret Ingredient. She did a great job of adding life to her character, small-town baker Kelly McIntyre, and generating chemistry with her fellow lead, Brendan Perry. 

In the 2020, A Timeless Christmas, Erin truly shined. The time-traveling plot in this movie could have gone horribly wrong, but with a dynamic performance by Cahill, she instead made it a charming movie.

#21 Alexa PenaVega

Alexa PenaVega has come quite a ways since we first saw her on Spy Kids in 2001. She has starred in a handful of Hallmark movies and launched the Picture Perfect Mysteries

Her success lies in her overwhelming charm since she is often the best part of movies that are bogged down with poor scripts. She has been in duds like Ms Matched and Christmas Made to Order. In these movies, she did her best but was hampered by lousy writing and a weak male lead. 

However, when Hallmark pairs her with a quality actor like Luke Macfarlane, she shows she can lead a great movie. 

Oddly she co-stars with her husband in the Picture Perfect Mysteries series, and the biggest complaint about the otherwise fun series, is the lack of on-screen chemistry between the two.

Ali Liebert is ranked #20 on Hallmark best actresses

#21 Ali Liebert

She was excellent in her Hallmark debut as a secondary character way back in 2012 in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yet she remained in supporting roles until she finally got top billing in A Gift to Remember in 2017.

Even when she was the friends or sister, she still stole the scene when she was on screen. She has irrepressible charm that that you just can’t help but like. 

When she got her shot as Darcy Archer in A Gift for Christmas, she didn’t disappoint. Like Julie Gonzalo in Falling for Vermont, Liebert had the tall task of making an amnesia plot not silly and trite. She carried the movie and her co-star to make the movie very enjoyable and cute. 

She followed up with another charming performance in Cooking in Love to prove she was not a fluke. 

She has a new movie coming out, Every Time a Bell Rings, as part of the 2021 Christmas Countdown line-up. I am looking forward to watching it!

#19 Emile Ullerup

I will say that between the red dress and her updo at the end of With Love, Christmas was outstanding enough to justify Emile Ullerup being in the top 20, but she also has the talent as well. 

This delightful Dane often takes over a movie with her charm and grace. Even if she has a robotic co-star like in Aaron O’Connell in With Love, Christmas or bogged down with a flimsy script like Love & Glamping, Emilie makes the movie a must-watch. 

In addition to the feature flicks, she also has been in the popular series, Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Chesapeake Shores series. Even in these ensemble casts, she stands out.

Jessy Schram is he 18th ranked Hallmark actress

#18 Jessy Schram 

Jessy Schram is adorable, magnetic, talented, and has a smile that just captivates. She initially was ranked in the mid-thirties, but after watching some of her movies to research this post, she shot up to #18.

Schram started with Hallmark in a supporting role in the soccer mom/secret CIA agent series, Jane Doe. She provided a lot of depth to a basically silly show, but her performances were worthwhile. 

When she got around to star in her first Hallmark movie, she lifted Harvest Moon with a refreshing performance in a strained story. But her role as Gwen Turner in The Birthday Wish is simply outstanding. She develops her character perfectly to create one of the best Hallmark movies to date. 

And not to rest on her laurels, she is equally impressive in Road to Christmas. Her mannerisms, her facial expressions, and her comedic timing are all perfect. She nails all the big things as well as the little ones in creating a fantastic character. 

Jessy Schram is well on the trajectory to being a top actress in Hallmark movies, and I am excited for the ride. 

The fact that Jessy Schram is #18 is an indication of just how good the 1-17 ranked actresses are. 

Arielle Kebbel is ranked #17 in Hallmarks Best Actresses

#17 Arielle Kebbel

Ok, This one may seem out of whack. After all, Arielle Kebbel only has three Hallmark movies to her credit, so how could she possibly be ranked #17?

Easy. Potential. Just watch A Bride for Christmas and you will agree. She has what it takes to be a regular leading actress in the Hallmark lineup.

I feel many will view ranking Kebbel this high as controversial as ranking Candace Cameron Bure or Danica McKeller so low.

But what is a ranking list without a bit of controversy? 

If Rolling Stone can have Royals by Lorde ranked 30th on their list of 500 best songs and leave Under Pressure entirely off the list, I don’t think Arielle Kebbel being #17 on my list is so bad. 

Ashley Williams is ranked 16 on Hallmarks best actresses

#16 Ashley Williams

Things are so tough from here on out. Ashley Williams is so talented, in incredible movies, and I feel negligent in ranking her at #16 on Hallmarks Best Actresses. But here we are. 

Ashley Williams is the actress I would most like to get a cocktail and hang out with her quirkiness and charm. She doesn’t seem to be acting at all, but instead just being her authentic self. And that authentic self is fantastic.

It doesn’t matter if the movie’s script is terrible, like Love on a Limb, she will elevate it. When provided a good role, like Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater, she takes that to another level. She is just spectacular no matter the role.

I would like to see her paired up more with her Holiday Hearts co-star, Paul Campbell. They both exude the same whimsicalness and make an uber-cute couple. 

One last thing. Ashley Williams’ authenticity isn’t a well-crafted persona; it is real. She actually engages with her followers on her Instagram page!

Merritt Patterson is ranked #15 Hallmark best actress

#15 Merritt Patterson

I predict with Danica McKeller departing The Hallmark Channel to go to GAC Media, Merritt Patterson will replace her in the upper echelon of Hallmark actresses. 

She has nine movies to her credit, and all but one of them are pretty darn good. Skip Bad Date Chronicles

Merritt brings solid acting and a smooth sophistication to each of her roles. I usually am not a fan of the Prince Charming themes, but she makes Christmas at the Palace and The Royal Winter decent flicks. 

She has worked with different actors in each of her movies, yet she develops believable chemistry with them. 

After watching her latest film, Gingerbread Miracle, I am confident in two years she will be ranked in the top three! She is that good. 

Brooke D’Orsay is the 14th best Hallmark actress

#14 Brooke D’Orsay

Ok, I am being optimistic here. Brooke D’Orsay’s last Hallmark, Beverly Hills Wedding, was not very good. However, her previous seven were pretty darn good.

She has the perfect Hallmark actress qualities she is super cute, has a likability factor, and generates romantic chemistry with whomever she is paired with. 

With three really solid performances in Miss Christmas, A Goodwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love, and Christmas in Love, she proves she belongs at #14.

She has the talent to rise into the top ten, but she has to prove she can make a great movie outside of the Christmas genre.

Allison Sweeney is ranked #13 on Hallmark Best actress

#13 Allison Sweeney

Allison Sweeney is one of the faces of Hallmark, with a strong presence on both Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. She may not always be in the best movies, but you can always count on her to deliver a quality performance. 

All of her Hallmark movies are great. Whether it is Love on the Air, Second Chances, or any of her other movies, you know if she is in it, it will be better than good.

Then flipping over to her Hallmark Movies & Mystery series, she once again knocks it out of the park. The Chronicle Mysteries, Murder She Baked, and her most recent, Hannah Swensen Mysteries, are all fantastic.

Lacey Chalbert is ranked #11 in Hallmark best actresses

#12 Lacey Chabert

I may get some grief and certainly a lot of disbelief for ranking the Queen of Hallmark, Lacey Chabert, as the 12th best Hallmark actress. 

But this isn’t really about her being bad or even average, but more about the excellence of the eleven actresses ahead of her. Lacey definitely deserves her throne with 27 credits to her name. 

She makes a movie with a script as corny as The Christmas Waltz, outstanding as a testament to her ability. 

One of the best mystery shows on Hallmark Movies & Mystery, The Crossword Mysteries thanks to  Chabert.

With so many quality films to her credit, it is hard to pick a favorite, but I will say, My Secret Valentine and Christmas in Rome are two I watch whenever they are on Hallmark.

Her 2020 The Wedding Veil is outstanding!

#11 Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is ranked 11th best Hallmark actress for her series The Good Witch, plain and simple. She just dominates the screen as Cassie Nightengale. The role is a delicate one, teetering on edge, easily able to tumble into inanity. But Bell masterfully nails it.

Often a character that seems to know-it-all is annoying, but with Cassie Nightengale, Catherine Bell doesn’t overwhelm and makes the character likable. 

She also creates excellent romantic tension with her co-stars. Basically, she does everything we want from a Hallmark actress.

Flipping over to her Hallmark movies, they are hit and miss. Too often, she comes across as uptight as Joan in Meet Me at Christmas and is not likable. Which, based on her charismatic Good Witch performance, is surprising.

With the Good Witch being cancelled in 2022, it will be interesting to see her involvement with the Hallmark Channel going forward.

Bethany Joy Lenz is the 10th best Hallmark actress

#10 Bethany Joy Lenz

Here we are in the top 10; welcome Bethany Joy Lenz!

She is one of the most versatile artists on this list, appearing in everything from Dexter to One Tree Hill to Grey’s Anatomy. Plus, she is a legitimate singer that toured with Michelle Branch and Gavin DeGraw. 

But this list is about her accomplishments in the Hallmark Universe. She can be counted on to be a great lead in each of her movies. She has yet to have a miss, even in The Royal Matchmaker, and as I have stated, I am not typically a fan of the Prince Charming plots. 

But the reason she is ranked number 10 is her outstanding performance as Abbey Lawrence in Bottled with Love. This is a top 5 Hallmark movie. Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker both bring their A+ games and make this movie a classic.

Katrina Law is ranked #9 on Hallmark best actresses

#9 Katrina Law

Sure, Katrina Law has only been in three Hallmark movies and is probably not one of the actresses you immediately think of when asked, “who are the best Hallmark actresses,” but she is worth her lofty ranking. 

If you are only going to be in three Hallmark movies, you could do much worse than Snow Bride, 12 Gifts of Christmas, and Christmas with the Darlings

Katrina brings an infectious energy to each of her roles. She generates believable chemistry with her leads while maintaining strength and independence. 

To move up the list, I would like to see her featured in some movies outside of the Christmas genre.

Brooke Burns is ranked 8th on Hallmark best actresses

#8 Brooke Burns

OK, ok, ok. I will admit it there is a hint of bias in ranking Brooke Burns so high, and she just may be my celebrity crush. But, it is not all crush.

The number one reason why she deserves her #8 spot is easy. The Gourmet Detective is far and away the best of the mystery series on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The show has well-developed characters, a fun, well-written storyline, and the relationship between Detective Maggie Price and Henry Ross is sweet and natural. 

Even her movies are fun. Christmas Connection and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year are genuinely delightful. Even in subpar flicks like Undercover Bridesmaid and Fixing Pete, she shines despite the movies’ shortcomings.

Despite her drop-dead gorgeous looks, Brooke Burns comes across as authentic and down-to-earth. Watching her host The Chase or Master Minds, you can see this is her authentic self as she interacts with the contestants. 

The Farrelly brothers summed it up best after her audition for Shallow Hall claimed that she was the “prettiest dorky girl” they’d ever met.

Nikki DeLoach is the 7th ranked best Hallmark actress

#7 Nikki DeLoach

I didn’t want to rank this former Mouseketeer this high, but there was no way I couldn’t. She is simply too good of an actor to deny a high ranking. 

So while I may not always enjoy the movies she stars in, I can’t lay the blame on her. In a great movie like A Dream of Christmas, she is excellent. In a movie that is not so great, like The Perfect Catch, she is still great. 

One might even argue her greatest accomplishment was pulling off bangs brilliantly in 2020. 

She is adorable and talented, and if you see a film starring Nikki DeLoach, you can safely bet it will be a pretty good flick.

Jen Lilley is ranked 6th in Hallmark best actresses

#6 Jen Lilley

Facts are facts. Jen Lilly is simply adorable. There is no cuter actress on Hallmark, and you have a cold, cold,  dark heart if you don’t enjoy her performances. 

And don’t be mistaken, she isn’t just a cute face, the girl can act. We first saw her on Hallmark Channel in 2016 in A Dash of Love, an excellent debut.

Since then, she has been very busy starring in ten more movies on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Except for the mediocre Yes, I Do, she has delivered strong performances.

A testament to her cuteness is she oddly stars in multiple films featuring dogs. And to still shin when puppies are your co-star is damn impressive. 

Speaking of damn impressive, Jen Lilley is also a great person. She is very active in several charities, including Childhelp, several water projects, and has been a foster parent (ultimately adopting two kids).

She kicked off the 2022 year with a very disappointing Where Your Heart Belongs.

Kimberly Sustad is the 5th ranked Hallmark best actress

#5 Kimberley Sustad

You are probably scratching your head right now. Kimberley Sustad is #5? After all, she usually is the quirky friend or sister of the lead character, so how could she possibly be a top-five Hallmark actress?

Because she is amazing!

Even as a supporting actress, she steals the scenes. Don’t believe me, just watch A Bride for Christmas

And when she has the lead, she is absolutely fantastic. She is at her best when paired with the equally quirky Paul Campbell. Christmas by Starlight, which they co-wrote, is one of the best Christmas movies in the Hallmark lineup.

But her best is Wedding Every Weekend. Paired up with Paul Campbell, of course, this movie is charming, sweet, and funny. We all know the Hallmark romantic formula pushing the boundaries of reality with a couple falling in love after spending a few days together. But Wedding Every Weekend is actually a plausible relationship storyline.

The other reason this movie is so great is it features Hallmark’s first-ever same-sex marriage. A huge step forward in being more inclusive and diverse. Kimberley Sustad was the perfect casting to be in this groundbreaking movie. 

#4 Autumn Reeser

As is the case with the next three actresses, Autumn Reeser could just as easily be ranked number one. I wish I could say there was a logical reason for Reeser to be fourth versus first, and there really isn’t one.

I guess there are two reasons, and they are terrible reasons, for her to be ranked fourth.  First, she grew her hair out from the adorable wavy bob. Second, while most liked her recent 27 Hour Day, I don’t think it was her best work, so there is a slight recency bias going on here. 

I said they were terrible reasons. 

But really, she is an outstanding actress that brings it in each of her performances. When the Groundhog Day inspired, I Do, I Do, I Do is her lowest-ranked Hallmark movie on IMDB, you know she is a great actress. 

While I think she is great in all her films (even 27 Hour Day), I think her best is the super cute, Season for Love.

Taylor Cole is rannked 4th on Hallmark best movies

#3 Taylor Cole

I will sound repetitive, but Taylor Cole could just as easily be number one on this list as third. With over a dozen films to her credits, Cole has established herself as a force on the Hallmark Channel. 

It would be easy to dismiss her success due to her flawless model looks, but that would be very shortsighted. The girl can act and carry the lead in a movie. She is as versatile as her hairstyles, appearing opposite the stable of Hallmark’s leading men with equal grace and chemistry. 

She has also dabbled in the mystery genre with her Ruby Herring series, which is fun and worthwhile, primarily due to Taylor Cole’s efforts. 

Her latest film, South Beach Love, illustrates her star power. The movie on its own is probably just average, maybe even below average, but Taylor Cole elevates it to charming.

She is also very active on Cameo. I had her send a birthday greeting to my sister and it was totally genuine and sincere. If you want a cute gift for one of your Hallmark pals or even as a present to yourself, I highly recommend having Taylor record a message. Plus all the proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club.

Jill Wagner is ranked 2nd in Hallmark best actresses

#2 Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner coming in at #2 surprised me. Sure I have enjoyed her movies, but it wasn’t until I started evaluating her resume that I realized just how dynamic she is. 

For starters, Mystery 101 is light years better than all the other mystery series, other than The Gourmet Detective, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. And that is no knock on Crossword Mysteries, Ruby Herring Mysteries, Sweet Revenge, et al., which are all entertaining in their own right. 

Then when I looked at her movies, I realized she delivers equally solid yet understated performances. Pearl in Paradise is outstanding. Hearts of Winter is as well. She never overwhelms, but she always makes an impact, even in an ensemble cast like Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa.

While Amy Winslow may be her crowning achievement, she is fantastic in whatever role she is cast. This is why Jill Wagner is perched here in the penultimate position of Hallmark’s 40 Best Actresses.

Rachel Boston is the best Hallmark actress

#1 Rachel Boston

And here we are at the top spot!

As I have said, a handful of actresses are worth being ranked THE best Hallmark actress, but there can only be one, and that one is Rachel Boston.

First, she is beyond adorable. Her smile, her hair, her personality are all magnetic. Secondly, I challenge anyone to watch one of her movies and not smile and feel all the Hallmark fuzzies. 

Lastly, she is not only a talented actress, but she has extended her abilities into being an executive producer on many of her movies. 

Check Inn to Christmas is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies. She couldn’t be cuter than in The Last Bridesmaid. She is a delight in Stop the Wedding

I could go on and on, but if you want to experience all the cuteness and heartwarming romance that has you tuning into The Hallmark Channel to begin with, just find a Rachel Boston movie. You will get your fix.