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The 10 best hallmark destination movies

The 10 Best Hallmark Destination Movies of All Time

We All Love Hallmark Movies in Exotic Locations.

Hallmark movies typically take place in the small town (typically Vancouver camouflaged as a myriad of quaint locations) and we love them for it. But when they pack their bags and head to a city far away,  it adds a whole new level of excitement. 

In this list I share the ten best Hallmark destinations movies. Qualification to be included in this list is simple, you can’t drive there from Vancouver. 

So pack your bags, we leave tonight. I got two tickets to Hallmark paradise! (yea, that just may be a hint.)

The 10 Best Hallmark Destination Movies.

Italia Ricci on a vespa with a helmet

#10 Rome in Love


  • Italia Ricci – Amelia Tate
  • Peter Porte – Philip Hamilton
  • Isabelle Connolly – Kathryn Tate
  • Jonathan Stoddard – Jonathan Lyman

Writers: Anita Hughes (book), Topher Payne, Judd Parkin

Director: Eric Bross

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Rome in Love” is a romantic drama film that follows the story of an ambitious young actress named Amelia Tate, who, at the urging of her sister, despite being an unknown actress auditions for the role of the lead of a adaptation of the classic film “Roman Holiday“.

Surprisingly she wins the role and heads to Rome to star opposite the famous actor, Jonathan Lyman. But the studio wants to keep her casting a secret.

As she begins filming, she meets and falls in love with a handsome and charming journalist, Philip Hamilton.

As Amelia spends more time in Rome, she becomes enchanted by the city’s rich history, culture, and romantic ambiance. She also becomes increasingly drawn to Philip, who helps her discover the true beauty of the city and teaches her about the importance of living in the moment.

As their relationship blossoms, Amelia must choose between pursuing her career ambitions and following her heart. She also faces challenges from her co-star, who becomes jealous of her relationship with Philip, and her own insecurities about her abilities as an actress.

With the help of Philip and a cast of colorful characters, Amelia learns to embrace the present and follow her dreams, both in her personal life and her career. In the end, she must make a difficult decision that will determine the course of her future, but she does so with the knowledge that she has found true love and has discovered a new appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

The movie is cute and Italia Ricci is absolutely adorable in her role. But the real star of the movie is the city of Rome.

Interesting Tidbit: Ricci was pregnant during the filming of this movie, though you would never know it. 

Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell in beautiful Iceland

#9 Love on Iceland


  • Kaitlyn Doubleday – Chloe
  • Colin Donnell – Charlie
  • Patti Murin – Isabella
  • Svenn Òlafur Gunnarsson – Kristian

Writers: Liz Sczudlo, Yulin Kiang, Joey Elkins, Blake Silver

Director: Claire Niederoruem

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now 

“Love on Iceland” is a romantic comedy movie that follows Chloe,  a travel writer who is sent to Iceland to cover the country’s picturesque landscapes. Accompanied by her friend Isabella, Chloe embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

While in Iceland, Chloe unexpectedly runs into her ex-boyfriend Charlie,  who is traveling with a group of friends. As Chloe and Charlie spend more time together, old feelings resurface, and they must confront their unresolved past.

Meanwhile, Isabella falls in love with Kristian, played by Iceland native, Svenn Òlafur Gunnarsson, their Icelandic tour guide. As the two couples explore Iceland’s stunning scenery and experience its unique culture, they navigate the challenges of love and relationships.

Chloe must decide whether to follow her heart and rekindle her relationship with Charlie or continue on her path of self-discovery. Isabella must also navigate her feelings for Kristian and decide whether to take a chance on love.

As the group continues their journey through Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes, they are forced to confront their fears, embrace the unknown, and take a chance on love. Chloe and Charlie must decide whether to take a chance on love again, while Isabella and Kristian must confront their own doubts and fears about their budding romance.

In the end, the group discovers that love can be found in unexpected places and that sometimes, taking a chance on love is the only way to find true happiness. With the stunning beauty of Iceland as their backdrop, they learn to trust their hearts and embrace the unknown, finding love and adventure along the way.

I will be honest, the actual movie is just meh, and probably wouldn’t make any Top 10 list, but the Icelandic scenery is beyond breathtaking. After watching the movie, Iceland shot up to my number one country I want to visit. 
There are many Hallmark things you need to not let bother you in this movie, mainly, they are traveling to Iceland in January and there is ample daylight. But this is Hallmark and we don’t let such realities bother us, right?
While the lead romance between Chloe and Charlie leaves a lot to be desired, the budding relationship between Isabella and Kristian is delightful.
Interesting Tidbit: All of the supporting cast are Icelandic.
Lacey Chabert and Sam Page in front of the Coliseum in Rome

#8 Christmas in Rome


Writers: Greg Rossen, Brian Sawyer, Alex Wright

Director: Ernie Barbarash

How to Watch: Amazon Prime (Paid)

“Christmas in Rome” is a romantic comedy movie that tells the story of an independent and hardworking tour guide named Angela, , who lives in Rome. When she is assigned to give a tour to an American businessman named Oliver, who is in Rome to close a deal, she finds herself reluctantly agreeing to help him learn more about the city.

As they spend more time together, Angela and Oliver discover that they have more in common than they thought, and they begin to fall in love. However, they are both hesitant to pursue a relationship due to their different career paths and personal obligations.

As Christmas approaches, Angela helps Oliver navigate the city’s holiday traditions, and they both begin to realize that they have found something special in each other. However, when Oliver’s job forces him to leave Rome earlier than expected, Angela must decide whether to follow her heart and take a chance on love, or continue on her path of independence.

With the help of some unexpected Christmas magic and the city’s festive atmosphere, Angela and Oliver learn the true meaning of love, family, and the holiday spirit. In the end, they must decide whether to embrace their feelings for each other and take a chance on a future together, or let their differences keep them apart.

Set against the backdrop of Rome’s iconic landmarks and enchanting holiday traditions, “Christmas in Rome” is a heartwarming story of two people finding love and discovering the magic of the holiday season.

With Angela being a tour guide, the movie does help you explore Roman sites and culture.  it was also shot in Bucharest, Romania. So you have bonus scenery, even if it is supposed to be Rome. 

Of course, Lacey is Lacey and delivers a solid performance. But don’t sleep on Sam Page. He may not get the limelight of a Tyler Hynes or Andrew Walker, but he is a talented actor that holds his own as the lead.

Interesting Tidbit: Lacey Chabert played Erica’s daughter on “All my Children”, while Sam Page, later played her son.

Kristoffer Pohala and Jill Wagner explore and exotic location

#7 Pearl in Paradise


Writers: Christine Conradt, Jennifer Notas Shapiro

Director: Gary Yates

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Pearl in Paradise” is a romantic comedy movie that follows the story of Alex, p, a successful travel journalist who is sent to Fiji to cover the search for the mythical pearl of paradise. Alex recruits Colin, who wrote a best selling book about the lore of the pearl, to to help her find the pearl, which he agrees to do begrudgingly.

As they search for the pearl together, Alex and Colin must navigate their differences and their growing attraction to each other, as well as the challenging Fijian terrain. 

Despite their differences, they begin to develop a deeper connection as they explore the island’s stunning beauty and learn about its rich culture. 

As they get closer to finding the pearl, Alex and Colin must also confront their feelings for each other and decide whether to take a chance on love. Despite their initial reluctance to pursue a relationship due to their different views on life and love, they begin to realize that they may have found something special in each other.

With the help of some unexpected surprises and the island’s magical atmosphere, they learn to trust their instincts and take a chance on each other. In the end, they must decide whether to follow their hearts and take a chance on love or continue on their separate paths.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Fiji’s landscapes, this movie simply has to be included in any ranking of destination movies. 

Plus, Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha are two of the most talented actors in the Hallmark stable, even though it seems Jill has departed to GAF. They also star opposite each other in the wildly popular Mystery 101 which many fans are anxiously waiting to see if an episode 8 is ever produced.

The combination of natural beauty and talented actors, make this a must watch. 

Interesting Tidbit: This was filmed in monsoon season and they often had mere minutes to shoot scenes between downpours. 

Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp in Brussels

#6 Love, Romance, & Chocolate


  • Lacey Chabert – Emma Colvin
  • Will Kemp – Luc Simon
  • Brittany Bristow – Marie Gruben

Writers: Rebecca Schechter

Director: Jonathan Wright

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Love, Romance & Chocolate” is a romantic comedy movie that follows the story of Emma, who recently broke up with her boyfriend decides to take a chocolate vacation to Belgium. While on vacation, Emma visits a struggling chocolate shop owned by a second-generation chocolatier named Luc for a chocolate making class .

Luc hopes to win a prestigious competition to become Belgium’s Royal Chocolatier to rescue his financially failing chocolate shop. Emma discovers she has a knack for understanding the subtleties of the tastes of chocolate and offers to help Luc.  

As Emma and Luc spend time together trying to craft the perfect chocolate for the royal contest, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Emma is hesitant to pursue a relationship due to her past heartbreak and maintain her focus on her career. Luc, on the other hand, is passionate about his craft and believes that chocolate can bring people together but a bit weary of the foreigner.

In addition to their chocolate concocting, they explore Belgium’s enchanting landscapes and experience its rich culture, Emma and Luc must navigate their growing attraction to each other and their different views on love and relationships.

Set against the backdrop of Bruges’ stunning landscapes, rich culture, and delicious chocolate, “Love, Romance & Chocolate” is a heartwarming story of two people finding love and discovering the true meaning of romance, and of course some delicious chocolate.

Plus, Lacey and Will show some incredible chemistry that is later capitalized on in the fantastic, “The Christmas Waltz”.
Interesting Tidbit: In addition to filming in Bruges, there are also scenes shot in Brussels. 
Jerry O'Connell and Rebeccas Romijn with padlocks on a bridge in Paris

#5 Love Locks


  • Rebecca Romijn – Lindsey Wilson
  • Jerry O’Connell – Jack Burrow
  • Jocelyn Hudon – Alexa Wilson

Writers: Teena Booth, John Tinker, Neal Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky

Director: Martin Wood

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Love Locks” is a romantic drama movie that follows the story of Lindsey, a successful New York City career woman who travels to Paris to consider a job offer from a major publishing company. While in Paris, she reunites with Jack, her former lover from her time living in the city years ago. Jack now owns a beautiful boutique hotel.

As Lindsey and Jack explore the romantic and cultural sights of Paris, including the tradition of love locks, where couples attach padlocks to bridges as a symbol of their love, they begin to rekindle their romance and consider whether they are ready to take a chance on love again. Along the way, they confront the reasons why they broke up years ago and rediscover the feelings they once had for each other.

Meanwhile, Lindsey’s daughter Alexa,  navigates her own romantic complications with a charming Frenchman named Jean-Luc. As Alexa learns to trust her instincts and take a chance on love, she discovers that sometimes love is about taking a leap of faith.

With the help of some unexpected surprises and the city’s romantic atmosphere, Lindsey and Jack discover that sometimes love is about second chances, and they attach a padlock to a bridge as a symbol of their renewed love.

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Paris’ iconic landmarks and rich culture, “Love Locks” is a heartwarming story of love, forgiveness, and the importance of following your heart.

With all the Paris scenery, it is impossible to watch this movie and not want to visit. 

Interesting Tidbit: Paris has since removed all the locks due to their immense weight causing damage to the bridges. 

Eloise Mumford and Julian Morris in a quaint Irish village

#4 The Presence of Love


  • Eloise Mumford – Joss
  • Julian Morris – Daniel
  • Jocelyn Hudon – Alexa Wilson
  • Samantha Bond – Merryn

Writers: Nicole Baxter

Director: Maclain Nelson

How to Watch: Have to wait for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries to re-air it for now. 

This spectacular movie aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and therefore is not the rom-com of the rest of these movies on this list.

“The Presence of Love” follows Joss as she heads to the small rural town in England where her mother grew up. Her mother had recently passed away and left her the trip as a birthday present to help her explore her heritage. 

Joss is also up for tenure at the university where she works, and views the trip as an opportunity to quietly work on a paper her department is requiring for her tenure. 

There she meets handsome Daniel, his daughter and his cankerous mom who own and live in the bed and breakfast where she stays. In true Hallmark fashion, Daniel is also struggling to keep his family farm which is in financial despair. 

Daniel helps Joss explore the English countryside and the local traditions while they start creating a bond that extends beyond tour guide. 

This movie is special because it not only displays the gorgeous English community where Daniel lives, but it also showcases Mumford’s magnificent performance of Joss, a character struggling with crippling anxiety and grief. 

I feel this movie could have eliminated the romance completely and been even stronger. 

It is also worth noting that Samantha Bond also delivers outstanding performance as Daniel’s mother. 

This is more of a tearjerker than a fluffy romance movie, but totally worth it for the fantastic acting and the stunning English scenery. 

Interesting Tidbit: The poem read at the beginning is “The Solitary Reaper” by English romantic poet, William Wadsworth

Mallory Jansen and Joshua Sasse sharing a laugh in Paris

#3 Her Pen Pal


  • Mallory Jansen – Victoria Lewis
  • Joshua Sasse – Jacques Artis

Writers: Joie Botkin, Kim Askew, Amy Helmes

Director: Claire Niederpreum

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Her Pen Pal” is a delightful romcom that has Victoria, an event planner heading to Paris to plan her friend Tracy’s wedding. The timing couldn’t be any better since Victoria also just broke up with her boyfriend. This will be the perfect opportunity to get away and get her mind off the breakup. 

Only, this is the Hallmark Universe, so to complicate things, her ex shows up in Paris to attend the wedding. And he brought his new girlfriend as well!

Fortunately, Victoria developed a pen pal relationship with a French boy when she was younger. Thanks to pesky Tracy, Jacques and Victoria reconnect in Paris, and the relationship gets steamy. 

Jacques turns out to be an excellent tour guide for Victoria, and Victoria uses her event planning skills to help Jacques figure out how he can keep his family chateau. 

This movie is everything you want in a Hallmark rom-com, plus fantastic French scenery. In addition to the amazing views of Paris, Mallory Jansen’s wardrobe is out-of-this-world. 

Interesting Tidbit: This movie pays homage to the 1950’s movie, “Sabrina,” with several lines from the classic worked into the dialogue for “Her Pen Pal.”

Ashley Williams and Ryan Peavey looking out at Hawaii greenery

#2 Two Tickets to Paradise


  • Ashley Williams – Hannah Holt
  • Ryan Paevey – Josh Wyatt

Writers: Tracy Andreen, Kevin Taft

Director: Dustin Rikert

How to Watch: Have to wait for Hallmark to re-air for now. 

Hannah Holt gets dumped on her wedding day. She runs into Josh Wyatt, who also got stood up. After a pep talk from Josh, HannahShe decides to go on her honeymoon anyway – alone.

To get over his dumping, Josh meanwhile decides to buy a ticket to the first destination out.

It wouldn’t be Hallmark if we didn’t find both of them going on a trip to Hawaii and then ending up in the same resort. And of course it is a romantic couples resort.

Hannah and Josh decide to become “resort buddies” and spend the movie getting to know each other, but also themselves, all with picturesque Hawaii in the background. 

While the pairing of perky Ashley Williams and stoic Ryan Paevey seemed like an odd mix, it worked out delightfully. 

This was an extremely well-written rom-com that I didn’t want to end. 

Interesting Tidbit: Ashley Williams (born Nov 1978) is 7 months older than Jhey Castles (born June 1979), who plays her mother in the film.

Victor Webster feeding Hilarie Burton Italian food

#1 Summer Villa


  • Hilarie Burton – Terry Russell
  • Victor Webster – Matthew Everston

Writers: Carrie Lee Wilson, Emi Mochizuki

Director: Pat Kiely

How to Watch: Hallmark Movies Now

“Summer Villa” isn’t just the best destination Hallmark movie, but it is THE best Hallmark movie period.

This friends-lovers movie has romance novelist Terry Russell struggling with both a tough case of writer’s block and a dry spell in her dating life.

Her editor and best friend, Leslie tries setting her up on a blind date with her celebrity chef brother, Matthew. 

Matthew has issues of his own ranging from his superficial Chef Cupid personality and a recent bad review of his restaurant. 

The date is a disaster and Leslie decides to focus her friend’s Terry’s writer’s block by offering Terry her family’s villa in France for the summer to clear her head and focus on her writing. 

Upon arrival she discovers Matthew had the same idea to escape his bad review. 

As the two try to share the house while keeping their space from each other, they slowly get to know each other and discover they may not be as different as they thought. 

The movie is an absolute joy. It is beautifully written, and superbly acted with a spectacular background of the French countryside. 

Interesting Tidbit: The movie isn’t actually shot in the beautiful French country side but rather entirely in Montreal, Canada! (so technically you can drive there from Vancouver but I am giving them the pass.)


There you have it. The ten best destination Hallmark movies for you to enjoy the combination of romance and beautiful scenery. 

My list is lead with three movies in France (though technically only two, One in Rome, another in Bruges, and one in Hawaii. In addition to these popular locations, Hallmark went big with a movie in Fiji and another in Iceland. The globe is spanned.

There are many other notable destination movies that are also worth a watch including: “Paris, Wine & Romance” (Jen Lilly and Dan Jeannotte), “Love on Safari” (Lacey Chabert, Jon Cor), “Romance on the Menu” (Cindy Busby, Tim Ross) and “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” (Autumn Reeser/Pablo Bernadini)

Let me know in the comments if what your favorite destination movie is.