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Who is Eric Rutin?

(and why is he writing about Hallmark Movies?)

Eric Rutin reviews Hallmark Movies

Hi! I am Eric Rutin. 

A few years ago, I avoided doing housework, and while flipping through the hundreds of channels on DirecTV,  I came across the Hallmark Channel. For some reason, I stopped surfing and started watching Summer Villa starring Hilarie Burton and Victor Webster.

The fluffy romance surprisingly drew me in. But maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised since the two leads were a writer and a chef: two of my favorite hobbies. By the time they finally realized they were in love (sorry for the spoiler), I was hooked.

I am not just a reviewer of Hallmark movies, but I am also a fan. I have a degree in Radio and Television, so I guess I am putting that to use. 

I watch all the Hallmark movies: the good, the bad, and the occasionally ugly, so you don’t have to. I  provide honest reviews to help you watch just the best ones.

So grab a hot tea and curl up on the couch and let’s go.