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Favorite Hallmark Stars

Hallmark Channel Movies have developed a passionate following, especially with their popular Christmas movie lineup. While the movies are objectively cheesy and formulaic, they also have a charm and hopefulness that makes them a guilty pleasure for millions of viewers. 
Not only are plots typically about a second chance at love, but they have been great career revitalizer for former B-list stars that had fallen out of the lime light. Many were stars in former pop culture shows that we all remember fondly like Danica McKeller (The Wonder Years), Candace Cameron Bure (Growing Pains), and Alicia Witt (Twin Peaks). 
Others gained their fame from appearing in daytime soap operas like Alison Sweeney (Days of Our Lives), Cameron Mathison (All My Children), and Jen Linley (General Hospital).
And then there is the queen of Hallmark movies, Lacey Chabert who was in All My Children, Party of Five and Mean Girls. 
In addition to romance movies, The Hallmark Channel also has several series like Good Wife, Chesapeake Shores, and When Calls the Heart.  These shows that feature popular Hallmark stars like Catherine Bell (JAG), Lori Loughlin (Full House), Jack Wagner (of course, Frisco from General Hospital), and Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) follow a similar feel but with a dash of ongoing drama and conflict tossed in. 
Lastly, there is Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel that shows some traditional Hallmark Movies (especially during the holidays) but also has an excellent lineup of mystery signatures series like Mystery 101, Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery, Crossword  Mysteries, Ruby Herring Mysteries, and my personal favorite, The Gourmet Detective. These fun shows feature your favorite Hallmark stars in two-hour mini-series that blend, mystery, intrigue, and romance. 
All this brings you here. Eric Rutin is one of the leading Hallmark movie reviewers. His reviews can be found around the web, including IMDB
While he admits to having a mild addiction to Hallmark Movies, he knows that some are great while others are sadly duds.  Eric watches them all and give straightforward reviews, critiquing the stars, their chemistry, the plot, and the overall enjoyability of the movie.